Permitting & Ecological Services

Obtaining permits and regulatory approvals is integral to project development and management. Combined with site or route selection, planning, and engineering, careful attention to the permitting process is vital to project success. Our team of permitting specialists, scientists, and engineers know how to maintain project schedules while engaging regulators, communities, and project owners— creating effective communication that leads to successful project permitting and responsible resource management.

Dedicated team of permitting Specialists

Our permitting experts deliver comprehensive solutions for local, state and federally regulated projects including Clean Water Act permitting, Endangered Species Act studies and coordination, and NEPA documentation and associated studies for projects regulated by FERC, NRC, BLM, FHWA, USACE, USFWS, VA, and others. We specialize in the total process from initial project analyses and boots-on-the-ground resource studies to design, permitting, and construction.

Accelerating the permitting process:  communication is key

Acquiring permits from multiple agencies is complicated, labor-intensive, and time-consuming.  Projects often suffer significant delays due to ineffective communication. We work with our clients to engage the regulators early in the process, treating them as stakeholders and building trust between project owners and regulating decision-makers. This cooperative approach results in projects being completed on or ahead of schedule, long-term cost savings, and overall project success.


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Environmental Services & Permitting

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Environmental Planning
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Ecological Services
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